Drilling Safety Gaskets

These popular gaskets are a cost-effective way of protecting drilling operators from facial injuries caused by water, dust or gas blow outs.

Fabricated from either plastic or rubber, Maskew Brands Drilling Safety Gaskets offer an elegantly simple and inexpensive solution to the danger of drilling blow outs. The patented protection pads grip the drill rod and seal off the working face, deflecting shrapnel and debris away from the operator in the event of a blow out.


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Innovative, patented design guarantees protection
  • Easy to install and use
  • Drastically reduced drilling operator facial injuries
  • Minimum disruption to drilling operations


  • Colour coded
    Distinctly coloured gaskets (red and blue) ensure operators select the right ones for the size of drill rod and are correctly protected.

  • Boss Fitment Feature
    Large, raised boss on the back of the protector pad helps ensure operators fit the pad the correct way round and are afforded maximum protection.

  • Wear ID
    Visible Wear ID draws attention to condition of protector pad and highlights when pads must be replaced (if worn). For best results, ensure pads are replaced once a month.

Illustration of how the Drilling Safety Gaskets work

Types of gaskets available:

  • Plastic
    22mm and 25mm options (Red and Blue)

  • Rubber
    22mm and 25mm options (Black)

Proven protection, high stock availability and fast lead times

Minimise drilling disruptions and ensure operator safety with our elegantly simple and cost-effective solution, please contact us to find out more about our popular, patented Drilling Safety Gaskets.