Grinding Mill Linings

Over 30% more cost-effective than other heavy-duty alternatives and guaranteed to improve grinding efficiency, our comprehensive range of mill linings and wear parts includes: inner and outer pulp lifters, filler rings, head, grate and shell plates, shell lifter bars and discharge cones.

The specialised rubber formulations devised by the Maskew Brands technical department for the internal rubber linings of ball-grinding mills have set new standards in resistance to abrasion, wear and impact, as well as offering superior protection against corrosion of the metal supports.

Originally designed to meet the needs of the mining industry, Maskew Brands grinding mill linings exceed the most exacting and stringent standards of any application and are ideal for use across a wide range of industries and materials, including cement, ceramics and stone grinding.

Our highly qualified technical department, supported with up-to-date laboratory facilities, will define the most suitable composition for the polymer and execution method to meet your specific requirements. This process includes examining the milling facility closely and adapting the lining’s characteristics to the unit. The tooling is then designed and constructed in accordance with the characteristics of the part and the production series.

The lining materials — rubber and metal/rubber (steel or aluminium) — are produced by hot vulcanisation and compression moulding. Multi-plated presses of dimensions of up to 900 x 1500mm are used during manufacturing and the entire process is monitored using strict Quality Control procedures.


  • Cost-effective
  • Improved grinding efficiency
  • High resistance to abrasion, wear and impact
  • Superior protection against corrosion (metal supports)


  • Customised solutions
    Our technical experts will design materials to suit your specific needs.

  • High-quality manufacturing
    Materials are compression moulded using multi-plated presses to ensure consistent, high-quality production standards.

  • Quick and easy exchange of worn components
    Our fastening system uses loose bolts or commercially available welded threaded studs, washers and nuts.

  • Minimal maintenance
    The lowest level of maintenance is ensured using a standardised hardness of 60 Shore A for the parts. (Although other tolerances can be manufactured on specific request.)

Types of parts available:

  • Inner and outer pulp lifters
  • Filler rings
  • Head, grate and shell plates
  • Shell lifter bars
  • Discharge cones

International delivery and installation

We manufacture and distribute worldwide. Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive range of grinding mill linings and wear parts.